Citizen integration process for a local investment project

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Marktgemeinde Gieshübl, a local community in Lower Austria Together with the political parties of the local community we developed the process to integrate the citizens. In a one year prozess we worked on different need assessments and developed…

Common working basis for political parties

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Marktgemeinde Guntramsdorf, a local community in Lower Austria Together with the political parties we developed a common long term work and topic plan. After the election it was necessary to solve the existing differences before we started…

Digitizing and training projects in adult education in LAO PDR

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NFEDC LAO PDR is the leading adult education organisation in LAO PDR Together with the local opinion leaders, responsible persons from DVV International, NFEDC, Australian Volunteers and the ministry of sports and education we worked on different…

Digitizing for VHS Group of Salzburg, Vorarlberg and Südtirol

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VHS Salzburg, Vorarlberg and Südtirol are a part of the leading adult education organisations in their regions Since more than 5 years we have developed different online projects for education marketing, digital learning and online servic…

New structure of services and brand position

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Katholisches Bildungswerke Oberösterreich is one of the biggest adult education organisation with more than 5.000 volunteers Together with the organisation management and opinion leaders from the overall organization we developed a SWOT model.…

Strategy for new product development

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Intelli group is a green technology company in Austria Together with the management and a cooperation partner we developed a business strategy for a new technology service.

Internal communication and PR

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Rohrdorfer Gruppe Zementwerk Gmunden is one of the leading cement producer in Austria and Bavaria Together with the new Management we worked on an internal cultural change in communication. We supported the CEO in finding a personal brand position…

Digitizing and online crm

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Wienerberger Austria is the biggest brick producer and distributor in Austria Together with country management and the marketing unit we developed an new digital crm process. Within two years we supported the team in the out going process.

Group and company strategy

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M-TEC Group produces heat pumps and green energy solutions for the Austrian and European market Together with the business owners of the company we worked on a common strategy plan and brand position of the company.

Business development architecture

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Fural Austria is one of the leading companies in Europe for metal ceilings systems In different workshops we worked on a new strategy for the special target group of architecture. Together with the responsible team we supported a new young…